What are the ideal conditions for the most accurate data?

Shot Vision works best in daylight conditions but an Indoor/Low Light mode is also available in the app settings.

∙ Ensure that the rear camera lens is clean and clear of any debris.
∙ Outdoor/Daylight conditions without pointing the camera directly into the sun.
∙ Ball position as close to 4 feet from the iPhone as possible at all times.
∙ Standard white golf ball.
∙ We recommend using a mini tripod to stabilize your iPhone and prevent ground vibrations.
∙ Place your iPhone or mini tripod on a folded golf towel to prevent ground vibrations.
∙ Minimal background motion behind the ball in the camera frame.
∙ iPhone should remain stable after setup and calibration and not be moved unless a session is recalibrated.

Why do I need a mini tripod or folded golf towel to stabilize my device?

Due to the ground vibrations caused by some of your shots, the suspended camera in the latest iPhone can cause errors or missed shots. We recommend placing your device on a mini tripod or folded golf towel or both for the best performance. This is not required when hitting off a tee.

The mini tripod also makes it easier to calibrate your device and see your data but you can rest the iPhone against any object for ex. ball sleeve, water bottle etc and use the voice feedback to get your data.

Shot Vision is not detecting any of my shots?

If the app is not detecting any of your shots ensure that you have read the other questions in this FAQ and that you are certain your setup is optimal.

Other tips that we recommend are the following:

∙ When hitting high lofted clubs or wedges, you may be hitting over the detection zone. Shot Vision will detect shots up to a 40 degree launch angle. If you suspect you are hitting over the detection zone, you can move up parallel to the target line without blocking the camera with your body and keeping the device just outside your leading foot. Refer to the full setup instructions.
∙ Ensure your camera is not pointing directly into any light sources, this includes the sun or any other lights that might cause flicker or flaring. Also check that there are no TV's or screens in the camera frame and avoid as much background motion as possible.
∙ Your device should be stabilized at all times and not moved after a session has started. Ground vibrations may cause errors or missed shots.
∙ Your device might not be supported.
∙ Please get in touch with our support team if you have read over these questions but are still unable to get your shots to track.

Indoor/Low Light mode is not working?

The Indoor/Low Light mode is currently a beta feature and requires ideal conditions for the best performance. This is due to the limitations of the iPhone camera in low light conditions.

We recommend the following setup:

∙ Check that you have a well-lit environment with the correct light source. (Some lights flicker at a certain frequency that can be seen in the camera preview, Shot Vision will not work with this setup)
∙ A dark neutral background with very minimal background motion including any other light sources or TV screens.
∙ If your light source is not bright enough to make the ball visible in the camera preview then your shots will not be detected.
∙ Check all other questions and ensure that you have your iPhone and ball placed in the optimal positions.